Cirrus: Thinking outside the box with "Quantum"

Thinking outside the box with Quantum

6th January 2020 Exhibitions, Motorsport, News & Press Releases

We’re launching our brand-new cloud-based noise monitoring solution at Autosport International Engineering.


More than just a black box, Quantum is a noise monitoring solution that has been designed in conjunction with some of the UK’s biggest theatres and entertainment venues. The Quantum will revolutionise the way you measure sound levels and protect people from the risks associated with excessive noise exposure.

Specifically designed as a long-term solution for the measurement of noise levels in a variety of indoor environments, Quantum is suitable for offices, factories and workshops amongst other locations across a number of industries.

Quantum uses cloud-based technology so that all your noise measurement data is instantly accessible whenever you need it, wherever you are, and because your Quantum is constantly measuring, you’ll never miss a single piece of data.

Key features of Quantum include:

Web-based interface means you don’t have to install software
Cloud connectivity means you can access your data anywhere
Live noise data including LAeq and LCPeak
Minimal user setup: Power Over Ethernet means it’s simply plug in, log in and start


Autosport International Engineering

The UK launch of Quantum is taking place at the Autosport International Engineering exhibition on 9 and 10 January. Being Motorsport UK’s technical acoustic partner makes the exhibition the perfect place to showcase Quantum in all its glory. Visiting the exhibition? You can find Cirrus Research and the Quantum on Stand E385.

Autosport International Engineering connects experts and enthusiasts, helping them to network, trade, discuss and explore unique showpieces. For us, it’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how we’re helping to make motorsport and the automotive industry safer with our range of industry-leading software.

To find out more about Quantum, please contact us.

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