Handheld leakdetector

Handheld leakdetector

RDZ is a digital handheld gas leakage detector, equipped with
an external whip (for reaching the point in which the leakage is likely to
happen) at whose end is mounted a gas semiconductor sensor for
detection of low concentrations of hydrocarbons in gas appliances and
This device can detect either Methane (CH4) or LPG (a mixture of
isoButane and isoPropane, but generally tis used to measure several types of

Specifications :
Power supply: 6x AAA alkaline batteries
Battery life: 4 hours minimum
Measurement range: 0.00 .. 10.000 ppm CH4
0.00 .. 1% VOL CH4
0.00 .. 20% LEL CH4
0.00 .. 1.800ppm LPG (isoC4H10)
Resolution: 1 ppm
Accuracy: ± 20% f.s. @ 20C°± 1°C, 65 ± 5% RH
Measurement units: ppm, %vol, %L.E.L.
Sensor type: Semiconductor
Pre-heating time: max. 45 seconds fixed
Display: LCD TN
Protection grade: IP 20
Dimensions: 72 x 151 x 37mm. (W x H x D)
Weight: 312 gr